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About "Over 9 Billion Dead Served"  (the Documentary)

Not The Enemy Media was formed to complete and distribute the feature documentary, "Over 9 Billion Dead Served."   In this movie the camera is digitally turned back on the filmmakers of America's favorite movies to see what they've created.  Given their responses, it is apparent that some of them don't like seeing their work analyzed. analysis of their work.

The objective is to illustrate the lessons that America's favorite films provide on how to experience death and dying.  This process entails providing evidence in support of eleven hypotheses that came out of the content analysis of the films.  Who gets killed?  How?  Why?  By whom?  What are the emotional responses to death within these movies?  Who stays dead?  Who is magically resurrected?  The findings are incredible.  Through this process, the vocabulary of violence that filmmakers use to make murder profitable is revealed.  

During the making of this documentary, a simultaneous examination of "Real Dead" was begun.  This is an analysis of the number of people that have really been killed by post World War Two American corporate foreign policy.  Among the collected data is a May 25, 1999 World Affairs Council of Northern California and The Commonwealth Club interview of Robert McNamara in which he reports that 3,800,000 Vietnamese were killed (murdered?) during the war against Vietnam -- that he himself helped escalate.  To the best of my knowledge, McNamara was never indicted anywhere as a war criminal, nor is the above number of war dead in Viet Nam still reported anywhere else.  A MP3 file excerpt from that interview can be heard and downloaded here.  Interesting that this McNamara confession that he thought important enough to emphasize in this interview, is completely omitted from his (censored?) book, "The Fog of War".  Nor is it reported ANYWHERE else, although authors including Noam Chomsky do obliquely make reference to 3,000,000 killed in Vietnam...  

In the last ten years -- I have found no real distributor, and no real film festival willing to distribute "Over 9 Billion Dead Served."  I even tried getting it streamed through Netflix, but they are no longer willing to deal with individual filmmakers.  Last April, I began working to post both the whole documentary, and its individual chapters to YouTube.  A flood of robotically (?) triggered copyright infringement responses ensued that crippled that effort.  Nevertheless, I got through that process, and as of this moment in 10/15/2012, seem to have all of the pieces in place in cyberspace.

You, the viewer, can go directly to any chapter -- or -- you can stream the whole thing.  You can look for the pieces of my production by searching "EndWW2" on the website, or you can use the index below in a somehwhat more chronological manner.  Post your thoughts / responses on YouTube -- or email me here.  View, enjoy, think:

Over 9 Billion Dead Served, Trailer, 46 seconds


Over 9 Billion Dead Served


By Individual Chapters 1-11

Killing Nazis and Arabs, Chapter 1, Runtime:  4:19

Hypothesis 1:  Stereotypes of Nazis and Arabs are used to dehumanize those who are subsequently killed.


Killing the Ugly, Masked, and Invisible      Chapter 2  Runtime:  6:15

Hypothesis 2:  Stereotypes of ugly, masked, and invisible are used to dehumanize those who are subsequently killed.


Walking While Black            Chapter 3, Runtime: 4:45

Hypothesis 3:  Stereotypes of “blackness” are used to dehumanize those who are subsequently killed.


Incidents of Mass Destruction          Chapter 4, Runtime:  8:47

Hypothesis 4:  Americans see billions more deaths and murders than is commonly recognized.



Gender Skewing Mortality, Chapter 5, Runtime:  2:21

Hypothesis 5:  Males are much more likely to be killed and much less likely to be missed.


Joking about Death and Murder     Chapter 6, Runtime:  9:48

Hypothesis 6:  Deaths and murders are frequently joked about and celebrated



Comic Coyotes, Chapter 7, Runtime:  2:58

Hypothesis:  Action frequently suggests death but shows survival


Holy Ghosts                Chapter 8,  Runtime 10:16   (the chapter actually was beginning at 2:59)

Hypothesis 8: Actors are often brought back to life BETTER THAN NEW as Holy Ghosts  


Resurrections Chapter 9, Runtime: 18:54

Hypothesis 9: Actors are often brought back to life AS GOOD AS NEW through resurrections.



Displacing Compassion by Loving Machines, Chapter 10, Runtime: 2:53

Hypothesis 10:  Human deaths are often ignored while machines are loved


Good Grief     Chapter 11,  Runtime:  6:29

Hypothesis 11:  Movies are capable of portraying life and death plausibly and sensitively  


THE WHOLE Documentary:

Over 9 Billion Dead Served – Chapters 1-11 (all)  1:24:07



Pete Livingston, Ph.D.

researcher and media analyst

What do YOU think?

Do you think the stories we tell each other are influential?  


Do you think that life should be treated with dignity and respect?  


Do you think that death and dying are important experiences?  

Do you think that these kinds of questions ought to be asked of the world's most powerful storytellers? 


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